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The Only Australian Standard Approved Disposable Breathalyser at .05%

REDLINE Disposable Breath Testers

Affordable, Convenient, Accurate

The Redline product is one of the only disposable breathalysers in the world to have both French NF and German TUV approval, and is only one of two chemical based products in the world to be homologated and approved for use by the French Police and Gendarmerie. Our product is perfectly suited to the concept of self- testing.

To conduct the test:
*A person must break off the snap-off end caps at both ends of the tester
*Shake out the harmless white crystals inside the tube.
*The plastic measuring bag must then be inflated by blowing in one steady breath into the neck of the bag. The valve in the neck of the bag automatically closes after inflation.
*The tester is then inserted into the neck of the bag
*The contents of the bag squeezed through the tester.
*Results can be read in one minute.

The presence of alcohol is indicated by a distinctive green colour change. If the green colour extends beyond the RED LINE calibrated on the tube, then it indicates a blood alcohol content of more than the calibrated level. (Tubes are calibrated to each Countries specific calibration requirements)

Calibration. Testers are manufactured to any calibration indicating the legal limit either in blood or breath concentrations. Unless other wise specified, the European specifications as contained in the French Special Regulations NF227 for chemical testers is used as the basis for calibration. These use a correlation coefficient of 1: 2100 between blood and breath alcohol concentrations and a dead space volume of 250 ml.

Redline testers are certified to the French NF 227 special regulations.


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REDLINE Disposable Breath Testers

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